Good Cheap Tablets of 2013

kindle fire HD review - good cheap tablets 2013I have recently purchased a tablet for my own needs that I think one of the best cheap tablet of 2013. I don’t need a very fancy tablet with huge amount of awesome features because that would cost me a lot. Finding good cheap tablets online is not an easy task so what I’ve done I borrowed one of my friends’ tablet which is Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7 inch). I played around with it for few hours to know exactly what a good and a popular tablet will do. After a while I ¬†decided to find a tablet that allows me to check my email, reading ebook, play movies, socializing and musics.

My Top 3 list of Good Cheap Tablets in the Market

I took around 3 days to research online and ask my techno-wizard friends about all of good cheap tablets available in the market such as Kindle Fire HD, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7 inch) and Mini Ipad 3. After that, I decided to go with Kindle Fire HD and so far I’m so pleased with it. Easy to use and all things that I need are available with Kindle Fire HD.

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I was also researching some cheap tablets from China where the cost is only around $50 to $100. But after reading a lot of unsatisfied customer reviews about those cheap tablets I decided to allocate a little bit more money to purchase Kindle Fire HD. And I’m so glad to have listened to my techno-wizard friends’ advises.

Good Cheap Tablets: Kindle Fire HD Tablet

In today’s tablet market, there are many competitors and few good contenders. Good cheap tablets are few and far between but we found a few that are easy on the budget while still being high on quality. Whether you’re looking for something for the kids, or something to take to and from work and stay caught up with, we’ve got what you’re looking for.


Kindle Fire HD is perfect with its 1280X900 HD display and polarizing filter this anti glare tablet is one of the good cheap tablets that won’t break that bank.


good cheap tablets for 2013 - reviewDual drive dolby audio stereo speakers give surround sound with dual band and dual antenna. Compared to the ipad mini this delivers quality sound.

View Netflix and more

Watch from a selection of millions of movies, television programs, videos and more. Listen to music, read books or listen to audio books. Upload popular apps or play a favorite game.

Social Networking

Stay connected to all of your social networks with integrated support for your Facebook account, Twitter account, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail or whatever else you wish to stay connected with.

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The front facing HD camera is ideal for taking profile pictures, using Skype, taking photo shots for your facebook account, or simply grabbing a quick family photo. Imagine your family photos without you hiding behind the camera. This makes it quick and easy to upload your photos to your favorite social networks as well.

Cloud Storage

With all the talk about cloud storage you won’t have to search for it when using good cheap tablets. The Kindle Fire HD Tablet offers easy access to all your needs.

Kid Friendly

Ideal for kids and adults alike. Kid friendly programming means kids can easily use this tablet for school, games and more. Easy to use parental controls mean parents stay in control and can set screen limits, allow or disallow access to specific sites, screen out inappropriate content for various logins and more.

Freetime Unlimited

best cheap tablet in the marketUsing freetime unlimited kids can have unlimited access to appropriate books, games, apps, television programming and more.


The slim sleek styling of the Kindle Fire HD Tablet make it easily portable from backpack to briefcase to purse to simply holding. Whether using for homework, business or pleasure this device is very easy to tote around and extremely sturdy.

>>Visit Amazon to see detailed specification of Kindle Fire

Pricing of Kindle Fire HD

You’d expect to pay a small fortune for all of these great options on your tablet, but Kindle Fire HD Tablet has managed to compact it into an inexpensive price with a top quality product. Portability make it a winner with everyone from business owners who need to keep a presentation at the ready to kids who just want it for games. Students can afford it and it provides a great way to stay caught up on class.¬†Good cheap tablets don’t have to sacrifice quality to provide a great product. The Kindle Fire HD Tablet has given us both in a perfectly affordable package.

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